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Ecological greenroofing in Knoxville

An increasingly popular and environmentally conscious option for both residential and commercial buildings, the vegetation that covers a green roof actually lowers energy costs, improves air quality and naturally absorbs storm water thereby reducing the need for expensive drainage systems. With a longer life span than conventional roofs, Nicks Roofing green roof installations also address a condition known as “Urban Heat Island Effect”, occurring in densely populated urban and suburban areas.

Traditional building materials such as asphalt, tar, and gravel trap and produce intense heat making it more difficult for property owners to keep buildings cool and contribute to increased temperatures in Knoxville and surrounding regions. Green roofing systems supplement vegetation and provide an additional natural living space.

Green roofing: not just a trend

Not all roofing contractors are able to provide the necessary expertise required for installing a green roofing system. With an increasing tendency toward “going green” in Knoxville, environmentally friendly roof installations are best carried out by an accredited green roofing contractor knowledgeable in the many factors involved for successful and sustainable roof applications.

Nicks Roofing green roof installations

A green roof, also referred to as a roof garden or living roof, is an organized assembly of vegetation layers that work together to protect your roof structure and keep it well insulated while providing an optimal plant growing environment. The base layer of a green roof is made of a completely waterproof membrane. Lightweight, odorless, and safe to install, Nicks Roofing green roofing installations are essentially full gardens built on flat top roofs that increase oxygen, absorb rainwater, and enhance the environment. Other benefits include:

  1. Extended roof life
  2. Energy savings
  3. Urban biodiversity
  4. Improved storm water drainage
  5. Better quality air and air filtration
  6. Higher productivity in work environments
  7. Additional green space